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collage of three pictures with condo buildings and a street car in Toronto

The B1 Advantage

  1. With us, you will never get lost in the shuffle. We deploy our resources in such a way so we can provide our clients with the best services while maintaining a high level of quality.

  2. Our people are our best asset. Sir Richard Branson once said, "Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to". We make sure to match your community with the best people. Then we make sure to provide them with all the necessary resources to become and stay successful.

  3. Quality services at a discounted price. We only use reputable service providers and negotiate the best prices on our clients' behalf. We survey performance on an ongoing basis, ours included.

  4. We plan for everything and leave nothing to chance. Easy said than done, right? Not when you use proper planning and project management techniques to identify issues and forecast for the best outcomes.

  5. Financial Planning and Forecasts. We compile budgets and reserve funds investment plans for our clients. Once approved, we commit to them and report periodically on performance.  

  6. Directors' Resources. We provide our directors with the right tools to enable them to make informed decisions. 

  7. We always have an ear to the ground. We survey our communities constantly to know how we are doing and where to improve.

  8. Insured and Bonded. And if it is ever for  something to go wrong, we got you covered, literally. 

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