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Bogdan, a structural engineer by trade, in  1999 leaves behind a career in construction project management and joins the condominium management business in Toronto. Soon Bogdan gets involved at all levels of the business, acting on behalf of a wide range of condominium clients, from townhomes to high-rise buildings, from downtown to uptown, from Toronto to Mississauga, he rolled up his sleeves and worked closely with the client board of directors for the benefit of the communities.

Bogdan’s expertise ranges from managing older, established communities to working with reputable condominium developers to help building new vibrant communities in Toronto and surrounding areas.   He's experience as a structural engineer and project manager helped many condominium clients deal with major and complex restoration projects.

Bogdan is an avid promoter of condominium manager's education and an enthusiast on-the-job coach. He is an ACMO approved instructor, he thought two of the courses mandatory for managers' licensing, Physical Building Management and Administration and Human Resources, with two of the most reputable colleges in Toronto, Humber College and Geroge Brown College. Throughout his career, Bogdan worked closely with and coached condominium managers. Today he is proud to see many of them becoming trusted leaders in the condominium management industry.


Bogdan presently was selected and is acting as a Subject Matter Expert working on developing the new condominium licensing exams for the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Onatrio (CMRAO).

Bogdan’s vision, expertise and reputation among condominium stakeholders help to position B1 Management Group Inc as one of the most innovative, fastest-growing condominium management service providers in the Greater Toronto Area.  

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